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Why are we always so naive?

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It is a question to ask after the performances we are and have seen since the restart.

Whatever feeling we had for promotion have long since been lost. That was right though we after the celebration we had to be more focused on the job at hand 17th and above.

As Norwich fans in recent years we have seen us go up and not perform over a shorter season than the championship and this season we were worried.

Byram was a cracking signing, many including I said number 1 priority was a new DM and number 10. Amadou came in late and due to injuries never played in that position and then duda came in and flopped.

But even the players we had seem to have forgotten some of the basics you have to do in this league, every time we have gone up we have naivety and as fans we expect management to realise that we have seen it before so expect better.

It is a failing across the board, but we also understood it could happen after the minimal investment, youth and young group of coaches.

Buendia had a great level of assists, pukki great number of goals and krul has been on top form. But actually buendia and pukki have struggled for along time in a team that the only other positive has been Cantwell.

I agree with many poster who are worried about next season, how do we repair immediate damage. We have some new youngsters coming in which I am excited about as some of our players have exceeded their abilities in promotion last year!

I am happy for a few touted with a move, to actually move. It is for the greater good of the team.

But it is a massive rebuild of confidence and belief which over a long championship season you still need to find before christmas.

No question we need to improve defensively, no question we have been poor for 2 years. We need improvements in the control of our midfield and if Pukki leaves or struggles with form we need to find goals.

With 2 transfer windows I can see Aaron's, Cantwell and Buendia going this summer. Lewis, Godfrey and Pukki could be going in January but I do feel pukki knows he can score in a top division and should he want one more year should he look at the option.

So much to rebuild fod and normally I love the off season but as it will be short and the fact we have done some business, means any new players from the selling of some prized assets need to come in quick. We cannot wait for players as we did for Amadou.

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With age comes naivety and 3 of our consistent back 4 are young and enthusiastic.

I look at us and look at Sheff Utd, is Aarons a better player than Baldock, is Lewus better than Steven's, is Godfrey better than Basham; I'd argue yes for all but what the Sheff Utd players give is an old head that knows when the right time is to play and when the wrong time is; we have been the creators of our own downfall due to basic mistakes in the wrong place, not something you see too often from Sheff Utd at the back.

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