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The time may have come . . . .

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Those that have been on here for some time will know that for a while I have sat on the fence trying to come up with reasons for and against the need for a new manager.We need a new manager. We need someone capable of lifting the spirits so the team playes with the same confidence it had a couple of seasons ago when they could do no wrong.I hope to hell that £3.5 million is after appearences and goals etc - otherwise that money has just gone down the pan.We need new defenders capable of holding the line and we need our squad to stay fit4-0 is not good enough at any level even if it is the league leaders. I dont remember us beating teams in our position by that many goals. So far this season the only highlight has been stuffing Shef Utd at their place.Other than that I will be happy when it is consigned to history.We have to get some one in that is a motivator because the time has been given and the results are not coming.I am sorry to say it because I respect how far he has brought the club but its time for a new manager - sorry Worthington but I hope to see you walk into the sunset.I reckon we could get it Crook, Bowen and throw in Adams too. That would be a good set up. Or even pinch Joe Royle off them idiots down the road. At least he would know how to spend £3.5 million!

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