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Are we a yo-yo club ?

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Too good for the Ch, but not good enough for the PL

Is being whipping boys in the PL, better than being top dogs in the Ch ?

Or is it that mediocity would be better ? Safe in the Ch, but with the outside chance of a play off place our best hop for the season ?

My thought is that we have learnt from our previous season in the PL. no more the signing of run of the mill PL players, or burdening ourselves with PL wages that cannot be met if we go down.

We put out a team yesterday that went toe to toe with a team cost tens, if not hundreds of millions. The real difference being that they have the money to put together their lot 'instantly'. Whereas ours are the product of years of development (Aarons, Lewis, Godfrey and Cantwell), and excellent coaching (Buendia, Hernandez).

The message being this is a long term project. Idah was not signed for some huge fee in January. Martin will not become a first team regular over night. Others will emerge, as we pluck the brightest and best from the lower leagues.

So maybe some should stop over exciting themselves that we are a PL regular. That comes at a huge cost - paid for when we go down....Hull, Sunderland, Bolton etc. Even our impoverished neighbours.

So my message is try to see the bigger picture and the longer term future. We have a fine set up, probably the only club relegated who is debt free (for ages) and every chance of being in the top two next season.

In fact, promoted by Xmas.............. a ho ho ho club, perhaps 😊

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