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Defence a priority after 3 years of failure

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Farke must sort out the defence if he is allowed to continue, however after last season Farke has enough credit in the bank to take us into next season.  Last season was spectacular with last minute goals to win matches if they weren't cored probably may have not seen promotion.  But needed last minute goals because of the poor defending.  We need to find a way of stopping the cheap goals being conceded, last night was an example of the folly of zonal defence, five in a line on the goal line and Keane arrives late to score with a glancing header.  Farke arrived with a reputation of a solid defence whilst with Dortmund's second string.  The poor defending came to light initially in the 4-0 reverse to Millwall and has continued ever since in whatever division City find themselves in.  Maybe we need new CB's as the ones we've got are now injury prone or getting on and Godfrey the prodigal son is far from the finished article.  The obvious improvement however would be to ditch the zonal marking and go man to man which should improve our defending at corners which has been our achilles heel during Farke's reign.   

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