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FREE Tickets!!!

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To the fan''s forum at Sheringham Little Theatre. Due to illness I cannot attend and have two, maybe four tickets for this bound-to-be-interesting evening!

E-mail p.schofield@homecall.co.uk if you are interested - can leave the tickets at the theatre box office to be collected - I live in Sheringham.

Just a minor point - a week ago I posted the results of my ''research'' that identified we have neither a natural left midfielder or a natural right midfielder (the only query was Brennan who MIGHT have been called a left sided midfielder). Also that central midfielders and strikers made up 50% of our total squad.

The transfer window has slammed shut and we STILL do not have any natural wide midfield players but the group of central midfielders& strikers has been increased by 3 (55%)! Can anyone please explain how Earnshaw/Johanssen will get any service at all? After all who were the two players who crucified City last nigh - Reading''s wingers, oh and a striker called Lita who cost £1M, and another who cost £70K.

Can someone PLEASE ask Worthy & the board why we have not signed a right sided midfielder/winger in the last two years.

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