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i still cannot believe

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that KTF''ers exist. But, they do, and it''s their opinion (and one i do not share) But, it is a sign that there will be a long road ahead, it took damn years to get chase out.

Just to add a little calm to the debate, we are not going up or down, so theoretically we have six months to let the board and / or worthy do what they want to try and sort themselves out as long as there is a definitive answer at the end of it one way or another and a positive outlook.

My gut reaction is that every aspect of this club needs pulling together, despite the united front there are certainly a fair few ''shirts'' at Carrow Rd that would pack worthy''s bags for him today.

We cannot afford to start badly next season, it''s win or nearly bust as far as this club goes. Even with the parachute payment we are struggling, without it  we''ll be in this division for a few more seasons after that with even worse quality than we have.

If worthy somehow stumbles on a winning formula and we just miss out on the play offs then IMO he will be safe. The further below 12th we go, the more pressure there will be on the board, club revenue streams etc.

Can i just add that there a multitude of opinions on this site, people need to make more effort to see where the poster is coming from, even if they disagree. I''ve nothing against anything that represents reality, but some of the KTF''ers dont seem to understand why there is so much feeling. It''s the first day of Feb and our season is realistically over. Would you have settled for that as you were walking to the ground on the first day of the season. I write my thoughts on what i expect at the start of the season and stick to them, allowing for a certain amount of unexpectables, i.e the loss of ashton. It''s only then when you look at what you believed that you can see how much we have failed.

My thoughts, written at the start of August, included this; "we need to be in the top 8 by the end of october and in the play offs by Jan 1st. If that is not the situation kiss goodbye to Ashton and probably Greeno and watch our season plummet. All things considered, to not be in the play offs, or in sight of the play offs when the transfer window closes would be a failure of huge proportions and faith could only possibly be restored by a new manager."

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