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Sheringham Forum - message to all those who have real concerns!!!!!!!!!!!

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This time PLEASE, PLEASE stand up and put your concerns, questions in a forthright, positive yet constructive manner. It is NO GOOD simply moaning beforehand, under your breath during the meeting and then moaning again afterwards. If that happens, the Stowmarket Two will simply draw the same conclusion i.e that the ''Worthy Out'' faction is a small albeit vocal % of the ''customer base'' and NOTHING will happen!

We all know that at the AGM there was only lukewarm criticism of Worthy (at least publicly) with Peter Woolsey giving his usual ringing endorsement of all things Smith and Worthy. At Diss the mood had changd but only marginally so. I tried my best to get the audience involved but to limited success. Now YOU have a further opportunity tomorrow night.

I am sure from speaking to Roger Munby a week ago that he (finally) realises how the fans views on Worthy have changed over the last few months and how the ''God like'' status of Delia Smith is rapidly being eroded. Of course it would be unrealistic to expect Worthy to be pushed out just because there may be many fans advocating that tomorrow evening,  but, at least it would finally shake the Board out of their complacency. 

Please also refer to my response to The Wiz post on ''I was wrong about the Board'' - unless the directors have done 100% U turns, you will hear a lot of that tomorrow night. Please have your research done to counter these arguments.

For example, the Watford transformation under a ''young, inexperienced manager'' , the fact that since the start of last season we have won just 18 out of 69 league games, the fact that there appears to be no real commitment to our own youngsters (contrast with Ipswich) etc. etc. DON''T LET THIS OPPORTUNITY SLIP. 

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