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Raheem Sterling can be that figurehead the game needs

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The players need a major player to come out and stress how unsafe he feels in resuming the football season and refuse to play.  Raheem Sterling could be that footballer he has already commented that as a black footballer he feels anxious.  Another player to feel anxious and has expressed concern is Sergio Aguero these are players of the highest profile.  The majority of the lower profile players have not expressed concern but seem to follow the line of the PL, football pundits and the press.  I am sure once one of the fated few come out not being in favour of resumption we shall get the real feelings of the ordinary players and discover most are in fact anxious for themselves and family health.  The voice of a major player will be more significant and heard louder than those espousing football at any cost.  

A number of former professionals are in favour of resumption but then no risk to them And Jamie Carragher cannot shut up about the importance of completion, wonder why.  Much wiser to listen to Gary Neville and Graham Souness who speak sense about player health. 

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