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looking through the transfer window

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does anyone else here question the leaglity in the game of the transfer window????

 Reading Earnshaws comments about WBa and Robbo it could of been very easy for WBA to have kept Earnie at the club during january and there fore he could lsoe fitness and form and be useless for the summer.. meanning WBA could get a huge fee for a player who might have alot of work to do elsewhere....

 Look at it like this... if a player wants to leave a club, perhaps due to personal reasons, a new challenge, or just because he''s had enough why should he be held prisoner for the majority of the season?????

 the whole reason the Bosman Ruling was brought in was to allow players greater freedom in moving around.... whether or not a fee is involved is a different matter.

 The transfer window basically counteracts this.... holding an unhappy player "prisoner" as it where...

if a club or player challenged it then FIFA would drop the window like a shot for fear of a "Bosman 2" style saga..... i fully believe that in 2 or 3 seasons this will happen and the transfer window will be scrapped like a shot... u cant keep somone against their will and a 2 month "window" doesnt help.. especially if a team gets injuries and decide the wantaway has to stay to cover them.

jas :)

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