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Please read - effects of Covid 19 on footballers

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Some of you may have heard a phone in on Radio 5 this morning concerning the conclusion of the EPL. One of the participants was a member of Fifa. 

I called and asked if the football authorities had considered the long term effects of the virus on a footballer. I pointed out that the only study into SARS had concluded that 15% of those who had the disease had life changing lung problems. I suggested that footballers catching it may be kissing goodbye to their careers. 

The Fifa guy was dismissive and said that everyone thought they were an expert at the moment. Unfortunately you don't get an opportunity to answer back and Nicky Campbell failed to point out that he wasn't an expert either. 

Apart from lots of other concerns about restarting football, I'm worried that any footballer catching it might end up losing their future. I know they're paid a lot but this seems a bit much to me. We have the most talented group of young players I have ever seen at Carrow Road. Should we be asking them to put their future on the line just to keep us entertained during June? I think not. I've sent tweets to Todd, Ben and Max suggesting they just say no. 

If you feel the same way then please text and tweet everyone you can think of and suggest they think very carefully about their future whether it be here or elsewhere. 

What on earth the PFA is thinking I don't know. It must be the most pointless organisation ever. 

PS  I don't care about relegation any more. I'm more concerned about all the other issues which are far more important 

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