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Was listening to the Football talk show earlier and they were talking to Gary Neville, he was commenting based on the board meetings that he is having at Salford City about quarantining players or putting them all together in one place plus all the testing needed. His view was basically that as a club they cannot afford to do it and the only way they could play would be to let the players go back and forth, he then raised the point that this puts the players families ar risk and vice versa when the wives/partners leave the house.

On the basis that just about every L1 & L2 teams cannot afford to do it and I suspect that a number or Championship teams are the same, it's interesting to see what plans the EFL can come up with.

Lets be honest the only reason that the EFL are pushing is for the benefit of the championship elite who want promotion but how can the EFL retain any integrity if they decide to use 2 alternatives based on Championship and then L1/2.

Surely the inevitable will be that for the majority of the EFL teams none of the options are viable to ensure they are biding by health guidelines to maybe the PL decision will fall out of what the EFL do!?

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