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How Critical can we be...really?

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reading the previous post I am very concerned about Huckerby''s intentions now, I have to agree with Bomber. Hucks has clearly stated that he would not join any other Division 1 team but I think he his waiting for the transfer window and a bid from the Wolves/Charlton/Leicester brigade etc for a bigger pay day and a final fling at the Premiership. That way he has kept his promise, and if he really was that mad keen on coming back then I think we would be hearing more from him, I really do.

At the end of the day as a pro you only get a few years to make as much money as possible to set you up, and at the end of the day he must be thinking "I might piss off 20,000 city fans but it will blow over and I will be more financially secure if I join a richer club" Now I know he has stated he would take a pay cut but he wants his contract paid off to off set that I reckon......and at the end of the day the guy wants to make as much money as possible whilst still playing (which he can''t do at Man City) but he might get the chance at another Prem club. Can we really blame him? He did what he set out to do at Norwich on Loan and at the end of the day you go out on loan to get noticed and open up new avenues, the same as you or I do when you write a job application letter. You might see a tasty job, do an interview and say yeah I''ll resign and join you, but then another business comes in and offers you more dosh and a higher profile.......what do you do??? now come on, don''t lie to yourself!!!

Hucks did the business, we got our moneys worth and now lets hope the guy is not all money money money, but if he does not join us, we cannot hold anything against him at all


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Wolves are down.

Leicester no money.

Charlton got Di Canio.

Portsmouth maybe but Div 1 next season.

Blackburn, Villa no.

Tottenham no money doming David Pleats way.

Everton Wayne Rooney.

Bolton JJ will be back.

Top 11 no way.

Darren your options are strictly limited.

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