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Information from tonights meeting A.S.A.P please?

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Will anyone on here that is going to the meeting with the club tonight be able to give us a thread on what was said etc... I am most intrigued as to what the board will say to justify our poor managers position! It would be much appreciated if we could have a thread detailing this information. Hopefully we will get opinions from both sides of the Worthy fence as to what was said?

I am firmly in the Worthy Out camp and would like to hear the answers to a few of breakers questions which i have pasted below:

Nigel, do you think the attacking, passing style you advocate has contributed to some of the slightly-below-par performances witnessed this season?"

"Delia & Michael, why has Nigel not been awarded a lifelong contract his performance so richly deserves?"

"Can I propose a vote of thanks for bringing the exciting young striker, Jonaton Johansson, here on loan for three months and for being extremely prudent in not wasting the rest of the money on overpriced rubbish such as Jerome, Halford or Koumas"

Also hopefully someone will ask these for me:

Nigel: Does it not worry you that Doherty is likely to be named player of the season in a team that has one of the worst defensive records in the league?

Also: Do you feel that this says much of the forwards, in your all out attacking style?

Delia: Do you think steve coppell would say that a point away to Plymouth is a good result?

Delia: Not to worry we will have plenty to spend in the summer from the mass amounts of money you will collect from the bookmakers after lumping on at 4-1 (Favourite''s) for the title at the start of the season?

Hope the updates to the meeting are soon forthcoming and that the KTF''ers dont sit and dominate the meeting with dull questions. It is time to increase the pressure on our failing manager! 

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