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Several EFL clubs in trouble

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17 minutes ago, JF said:

True. But equally there are many more people in this country that don’t give a toss about football than those that do that will see these tests as a scandalously wasted use of resources 

My guess would be that tests have nothing to do with how restrictions are lifted. We don’t even know they work.

I’d guess it’ll done initially based on how easy it is to work from home (eg; office workers who can work from home will be allowed back into the office much later than construction workers or shop keepers who can’t work from home for obvious reasons) and then by numbers gathering in one place at a time. Offices with fewer than fifty people, then a fortnight later up to 100 etc. Shops can open if they keep numbers below (x). I expect football will restart when the government allows gatherings of a number high enough to allow them to hold games behind closed doors. 

You couldn’t justify letting some kids back to school before others in other parts of the county/country just because they’ve had tests. How do you decide which kids get tests and which don’t?

If schools open, you’ve got a gathering of huge numbers of kids - some schools have over 1000 plus staff. Even if you’ve got enough room to space them out more in classes (unlikely for most schools anyway), how do you police break time when they all pile in to a small ish field? Or the school buses where you’ve got a hundred kids crammed into a tiny space. If schools can be open, there is no justifiable reason for pretty much anywhere else to be closed. The government might open the schools early to allow parents to go to work, but if they do that, you can pretty much guarantee that nobody will be observing the lockdown from that point.

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