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Did you witness that performance too!!

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Win at Ipswich!! Great, tactics were spot on, did you boarders notice how Worthy is now getting the confidence to come out and verbally extract the tactics and effort from his team. Did you all notice them respond as a team. For me it was great to watch them work for him and willingly put themselves into the fray with pride and passion. A great result from eleven tryers’. I thought the new donkey from a lower div was worth a mention too, I trust some of you will pardon the pun! Also Brennan is a snip and is fitting in well.

I have always supported the management in their efforts to do what’s best for NCFC.
I have not gone along with the many that see that sending us into even more into debt is a wise policy.
I felt that another year would have been wiser, however I must admire the bravery of the board for taking that ominous risk, because the fickle will soon apportion blame on the boards shoulders if the ambitions are not realised.
I have the feeling that the risks have been well considered by them and that it is possible that the share issue had been delayed until the last minute, to measure more surely the likely hood of a return to the Premier-ship this season.
I, along with many others have participated in the issue and feel that it is magnificent that we are doing our small bit to see that money is forthcoming to help us all realise our aspirations towards being successful in the highest football division in the World.
I personally feel that we are witnessing the confidence of a young honest manager coming through some difficult times with honesty and integrity. He will make mistakes, but we must, I think stick with him and back him to the hilt in his man management skills, after all he is with the players every day and will know much better than we do what is their potential.
Finally, I would like to wish all the contributors to the boards a happy festive season and hope that all our aspirations for the club are realised at he end of this football year. We all, I’m sure will hope then to cope with the even more difficult task of keeping there. I have enjoyed very much reading the views of the rest of the contributors on these boards and look forward continue to do so.
Thank you all.

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