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second division buying power

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We can forget buying in div 1 with Taylor on his way to the city ground now added to the long list of missed targets.

It is clear to see that we have the pulling and financial power of a mid table second division side, its that simple…
Wednesday have the power to chase Becket despite 30million pounds of debt. Even Swindon can buy Mooney.

It’s the old ‘speculate to accumulate’ and our board of directors have not got the balls to put their money where there mouth is. How is Worthington REALLY expected to find a ‘20 goal a season’ striker with less than 300k and maximum 5 grand a week in wages? No. It won’t happen.
The five players who we now have missed out on are proof.

So the only people who can have the finger pointed at them as the cause and reason for this striker crisis are the board; it’s not that its been a long hidden secret that Iwan has been ageing and is over the hill and needs replacing, so they must have been aware of this problem surfacing for years.

Wake up Norwich.

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