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Our Midfield and team V watford

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After a quick calculation i have worked out what our all star midfield on saturday could have cost us

Hughes      650k  (wasnt it)

Etuhu         450k

Robinson   50k

This means we have a dreadful midfield which has cost us 1.15 million. We are a club short on money yet we have invested like this over the last 6 months. It  is also opossible that Jarret will play and hughes will play out of position at right back, i just cant see worhty leaving out captain marvel if he''s fit. It says alot about Colin who cost another 250k.

Is drury suspended, Radio norfolk said he was booked on saturday which would give him 5, but there was no mention of this booking somewhere ( i think edp). If he is out, it will be a massive blow and we can look forward to either jim ''im here for thew money'' brennan or Simon "'' oops i slipped'' charlton. whichever would be a disaster.

Lets also al pray that ashtons fit because i scant see thorne scoring if he was playing against Norwich united. I suppose mcveigh will return in place of hendo.

Your thoughts?

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I think my thoughts are roughly on par with your''s Matt, especially if that''s resignation that Hendo will make way for McVeigh. Don''t get me wrong here, I think it would be scandalous not to bring the wee man back, but Hendo should get a chance to play - upfront not as one in a  long line of right midfield fillers - too. That would be an exciting attack, Ashton McVeigh and Hendo upfront, with Hucks around as well. More forwards and attack-minded players than we usually see playing at once. And might offset the weak midfield line, which is not much with Saf but without him is stretched thinner than see-through. (Notice Damo is often the unplayed sub at Wigan now btw).Yup it might mean we leave gaps for Watford to attack, but frankly we will anyway and what''s the point of not giving City our best chances to attack too?

   I''d love to see Michael Spillane or Rossi Jarvis getting a chance now, not when there''s nobody else fit to play. That''s the bane for me with Worthy, he''s so ruddy defensive set and can''t get away from the established players. Hence he signs Thorne, hence he''s apparently now looking at Gareth Taylor, which is truly stupid. Rather than throwing players in and trying them out. At Plymouth say, instead of the routine bringing Jarrett back.

Agree it''s grim if Drury is out Saturday. He''s been much more like he was before this season, he probably suffered as much as anyone last season (I''d have him at the other end of the ''exposed by Premiership'' continuum to Holty, say)from being left unsupported but he''s rarely not up to mark in this league.

Of course I''m trying not to think Malky''s bound to pop up and nod in a winner for Watford on Saturday, but.......

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