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We have spent money but...........

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Unfortunately not 1 of nigels signings over the last 6 months is now a first team regular who is worth his place

Hughes 600k      He works hard with little quality

Etuhu      450k   Simply a waste of good money

Colin      260K   Isnt seen as a regular sespite being the ownly fit right back, says it all really. Should have kept eddy

Robbo   50k      Not bad considering the cost but only average. Cant get in the sunderland team.

Thorne Free      Have too pay 200k if we go up, and if we do he''ll of contributed nothing, should have kept svenson

Jarret         Probably a big wage earner, and then more agents fees in negotiating his loan too plymouth

MLJ               Cost us Gary holt, crap player part of forests shit defence

Agents          500k for no reason.

Loans - we payed for lisbie, davenport, marney, etuhu, robbo and wright. Lisbie was crap, davebnport was fine so was wright although buying him was nigel saying "oops ihave waste3de money on 2 crap right backs. Etuhu is crap , did nothing on loan so why did we buy him? Robinson is average

In cash that is 1.86 million without the costs of all the loans which was rumoured to be close to a million. So i reckonthats 2.5 million spent on a load of crap, so we havent been short of money, we ve spent loads and i reckon the board dont trust nigel with anymore.


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