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Man City two season ban

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3 hours ago, Well b back said:

Agreed as done by Villa, Derby, Sheffield Weds, Bournemouth and I guess many others as there is no way a lot of clubs are not spending lots more than their turnover. Just like FFP was supposed to make a more level playing field ( and stop the enevitable spiral of more Burys and Bolton’s ), the implementation also has to be on a level playing field. Just like VAR it’s apply the rules to some and not others. Remember we got a 5 year ban from Europe when we were at our prime because of Liverpool supporters. Again an implementation that was nothing to do with clubs like us but in that instance they decided it was all English clubs. Racism as we have seen does not even get a slap on the wrist so it will carry on. Then along will come UEFA and make an example of one country / club team that they just punish for the sake of setting an example.

Nottingham Forest are brazenly boasting about breaking FFP,  what with Lolley and Cash in their squad...😎

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