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kick it off

A calamity of howlers

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Not sure if "calamity" is the correct collective noun for a pair of absolute howlers in one match but that's what I'm going with.

Have a look at these two. Hull's goal is probably the pick of the bunch, but Brentford's second is pretty spectacular.


Bonus content - Leeds missing some absolute sitters before Wigan score direct from the corner kick with a Leeds deflection on the way. Leeds also have a stonewall pen denied too. Shame.


and the Scum's keeper shows off his fancy footowork for Peterborough's second


Sheffield United scoring thanks to some sensational goalkeeping from the Palace keeper.


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6 minutes ago, How I Wrote Elastic Man said:

Have you seen the Sheffield United "goal" today 


Is it as good as the Villa one from the other week when Trezeguet (I think) tried to head it on the run, fluffed it, headed it down into his shin and it trickled past the keeper who was completely sold/wrongfooted on dealing with the header that never was, and didn't anticipate the complete **** up from Trezeguet? We never get that kind of luck this year.

EDIT: Watched it - it is being added to the list. What a day for monumental **** ups!

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