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Match thread - Newcastle

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3 hours ago, Mason 47 said:

Do we need to talk about Teemu?

Lacking the crispness of finishing for the last 2 months really, which is really surprising given how good we know he is.

Yes, but.... one of the outstanding feature of last season was how many goals we got throughout the squad. So while scoring goals is Teemu’s job, the rest of the team have equally failed to step up - with the honourable exception of Todd.

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1 hour ago, Yellow Fever said:

Might agree but if Pukki hadn't missed 'a fair few chances recently'  would we still be bottom of league? Possibly not..


Here’s a few goal to shot stats (these might have been before today but from bbc website):

Pukki 1 goal every  4.27 shots

Kane 1 goal every 4 shots 

Salah 1 goal every 4.28 shots

Rashford 1 goal every 4.21 shots

Abrahams 1 goals every 4.59 shots.

Mane 1 goal every 4.55 shots

Raul Jimenez. 1 goal every 5.45 shots

Firmino 1 every 6.88 shots

Gabriel Jesus 1 goal every 5.67 shots.

Chris Wood  and Calvert Lewis 1 goal every 4.1 shots

The only players to have scored 10 goals or more with significantly better goals to shots ratios are Sterling, Aubameyang, Ings, Aguero and Vardy. 

So hardly anyone in the whole division would be doing a better job than Pukki in our side.

So, you’re right, if Pukki hadn’t missed some chances recently, we might not be bottom. But to get a player who would convert more regularly than Pukki would cost us probably over 100 mil. I think the problems are just possibly elsewhere in the squad.



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2 hours ago, Making Plans said:

Trust me, Drmic is not the answer.

And you base that on ?. He is an International striker who just like Pukki, Krul, Byram and others that we signed with long term injuries if he gets fit you may well be eating your words.



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4 hours ago, Rock The Boat said:

So why didn't we sell him in January as it makes no sense to keep a player if you think they are not good enough to play?

So why didn't Farke bring him on today then? He could have brought him on in the no 10 role which he is arguably better at than an out and out striker. He's been a bit part all season and when he did get a chance against Burnley he missed two sitters. I genuinely think Farke doesn't rate him. 

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12 hours ago, Samwam27 said:

Think its a bit harsh on Byram. I'm actually thinking its a shame Srebny was sold. I think he's a far better option than Drmic or Idah at this level. He';s had few chances, but scored his goal against Everton very well.

We play 3 attacking midfielders behind Pukki. Apart from Cantwell, none of them all season have taken any pressure off Pukki to get the goals, so the blame should be put here.  

I’m not having a go at Byram or Pukki here. Both are good players. But it’s a fact that Byram has missed absolute sitters against Saints, Villa and yesterday that have cost us points and I think had Pukki been on anything like his usual (for us) form he would have had 4 or 5 extra goals in the last 7 or 8 games and we’d probably have beaten Wolves, Villa, Newcastle probably Spurs and I’m sure there are other games I’ve forgotten as well. 

we create almost unprecedented levels of chances for a team in our position in the table. Most bottom half sides would bite your hand off to be regularly having 10 attempts at goal away but we are regularly over 15 and sometimes  20. We have played well enough in recent weeks to stay up (And have steadied the ship a bit at the back) but the one area I thought we’d be ok (creating and taking chances) has deserted us just at the key moment. 

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