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Player ratings vs Spurs

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Okay, watching City play is like it used to be watching Finnish national team play in past. Getting excited and having feeling that now it turns around to just feel the same pain again. Lets hope we get over with it soon.

Some thoughts about player ratings

Krul 5.5
Didn't really stop anything dangerous (not that there would have been many to stop) and misplaced many passes. Played big part in Spurs' second goal by starting to charge towards ball but then hesitating and stopping in ankward position, causing confusion for other defensive players. His level of performance have been dramatically declining since good start of the season and does not look like a goalie who would help team to win games with his performances.

Aarons 8.0
Best of the bunch. Was very active towards forward, playing on big range. Looked also very solid defensively. Won the penalty with brave run.

Zimmerman 6.5
Had some amount of bad passes. Also let his player out of his marking on first goal. Otherwise decent game. The goals are not really to blame on central defenders this time, but instead bad turning of the game flow and giving ball away on wrong positions.

Hanley 7.0
Solid game, really putting in all he has like always. Unfortunately his passing game is not in PL level (and what would be required when playing like we are playing). Not to blame for any of the chances that were provided to opponent.

Byram 6.5
Had harder shift today. Very active going forward and playing good part in there. However, got into troubles defensively couple of times. 

Rupp 7.0
Was active for whole game, playing lots of easy passes to keep game going. Won lots of balls and had good work rate. Had two good shooting chances.

Tettey 5.5
Had his worst game of the season. He is usually very reliable with his passes, and today was giving so many passes to opponent in very dangerous area. In addition lost ball couple of times by holding too long of it.

McLean 6.5
Was not very visible with ball, but did a big amount of work defensively and was playing major part in securing our defensive line against quick attacks. 

Cantwell 6.5
Good pass for Pukki in the beginning. Lots of movement around the pitch. Sometimes it makes me even think if he is roaming even too much and eating space from others on his side. Creating lots of confusion to opponents with his effort though. Was feeling bit more lightweight in man vs man situations today than in other games lately. Played a big role in conceding first goal, by rushing forward and giving ball away instead of giving team a chance to regroup defensively.

Duda 6.5
Totally anonymous on first half. Hard to say if it was lack of match fitness, not just finding his own space with Rupp and Cantwell covering so large area, or being held so tight by Spurs' midfield.  Started to work on wider area in second half and played important part on setting up chances when we got possession.

Pukki 6.0
Scored the penalty and passed Rupp twice into good shooting position. Worked hard. However, he really should have scored (or at least made lots better effort) from the early chance provided by Cantwell. In addition there were couple of situations that could've been turned into chances, where he fumbled with ball. Has been missing his clinical edge and the final sharpness from his game ever since the toe injury.


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