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Player Ratings: Watford Match

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Greeno 6 did ok, parried a couple of stingers from king for the first 2 goals. Only bowled the ball out once all match, hoofed downfield every other time

Colin 4 had a very poor game, was exposed, gave the ball away and a needless handball for the goal

Doherty 7 did ok, not as outstanding as usual

Fleming 6 average game, caught out a couple of times

Charlton 5 given the run around by king and co

Hughes 6 lots of effort but the end product was rarely evident

Jarrett 6 looked better than i have seen him previously, stilll very average

Etuhu 6 didnt do much but a good 2nd half run and a first half header showed at least he has some potential

Huckerby 7 give the ball to hucks seems to be our only tactic going forward, well apart from the deep crosses...

Thorne 7 scored, looked like he is improving a little

McVeigh 7 won a pen and scored it, looked sharp


Hendo 6 didnt do too badly when he came on

Worthy 4 did he order this long ball football, are the players he brought in unable to play passing football??? shocking that a the norwich side is now so bad

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In defence of Colin, alot of the blame for his poor performances can be directly attributable to the fact he has absolutely no cover on the right side of the pitch.

 Drury doesn''t realise how lucky he is having even Hucks helping him out now and again  :-)

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Greeno - 5, 3 soft goals conceded and poor distribution... by the way he was after the game i think he''s off im sad to say... shame he couldnt of gone a winner but a poor show ll round.

Colin 4 - looked ok going forward but passing awful! couldnt defend for toffee

Doherty 7- steadied the ship but could of perhaps got the foot in for the 3rd goal.. if it wqasnt for the doc i think we''d of got stuffed today

Fleming 5- no meaningful contribution

Charlton 4- looked hopelessly out of place, showed no passion

Hughes 5- lots of running and no end product....

Etuhu 3 - a JOKE!!

Jarrett 4 - Only because he put himself about more thn Desmond tutu!

Hucks 8! wanted to win and did well felt sorry for him at the end

thorne 6- Worked hard, pleased to see him get off the mark but could of fought harder

McVeigh 7- Pushes hucks closely.. attacking threat was there and ran his socks off


Hendo 4- should of scored Twice! the first was an open goal the 2nd was when the keeper scuffed it to him...  looked like he wanted to be in the warm

Worthy 1- made the subsitution that cost us the game and didnt try changing formation or personnel to make any sort of differece.. decided to stand and make arc signs with his hand all game

jas :)

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Well, the 5 game winnig run seems a very long way away now! I always said it was a total fluke, and I have been proved right. These are my ratings:

Green 6- Had little chance with any of the goals, had little to do as far as saves go.

Charlton 3- Awarded my donkey of the week award, again! At fault for 2 goals, words fail me to describe what I think of this guy. DEAD WOOD.

Colin 4- Possibly one of the worst right-backs ever to have played in a Norwich shirt. Decision making and positioning are both poor. DEAD WOOD.

The Doc 7- Man of the match, player of the season, without this guy we could be really struggling.

Fleming 5- Age is not on Flems side, King and Henderson did beat him in most departments, although he was not helped by the support of the midfield.

Jarrett 4- Can''t pass, can''t tackle, not committed, DEAD WOOD.

Hughes 6- As ever, gave 100%, but lacks real quality as far as distribution goes. Put 2 good crosses in.

Etuhu 5- Had 1 really good run, but does not put himself about. Not worth 450k.

Throne 6- Won alot in the air, scored a good goal, but somehow just never seems to inspire. DEAD WOOD.

Huckerby 6/7- Does what Hucks always does, dribbles, causes problems at times, but never attempts to defend in any shape or form, does not get stuck in. Needs to rediscover his best form quickly, or he will quickly become a player that defences do not fear anymore.

McVeigh 6- Nothing great to report about Macca today, done little wrong though, an average game.

Hendo 6/7- Caused problems when he came on, although somehow managed to get through on goal and then run towards the corner flag.

Worthy 4- This man has no ideas, can''t motivate and half the team are his disaterous signings. Imagine, nigel armed with 5 million in the market? God help us. DEAD WOOD.

DEAD WOOD stands for players that serve no purpose in this team and need to leave the club ASAP. In this group are: Charlton, Colin, Jarrett, Throne, Worthington, Brennan, Louis-Jean, and on the verge of this group, although it might make me unpopular are Leon McKenzie, 1 of our goalkeepers and Dickson Etuhu. Roll on Reading!



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Green       7            Unlucky with goal 2, made a couple of good saves and cant be blamed]

Colin         5            Genourous 5, cant pass, cant do anything. EDDY, EDDY

doherety   7            Was the pick of the defenders. Looked solid.

Fleming      6         Ok, but we did concede 3

Charlton     1        I dontr rate him, he set up to watford goals, he is CRAP.  Shows how we miss drury

Etuhu         6        anonymous 1st half, better second.Still looks like a rip off

Jarret         5         Non existant for most, when he had it he wasOK though.,

Hughes      6         Awful first half, improved in second with some good crosses

Huckerby   8      Man of the match, the only one who looked like doing anyuthing

Mcveigh      7   Tried hard, was lively and a good pen but not his nest game.

Thorne         6   Cant believer he scored, but should of had more. Not good enough

Hendo      6      Looked lively, with little end product

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Green - 7 - A couple of great saves and couldn''t do much about the goals.

Colin - 3 - Looked a liabilty against some very predictable attackers.

Doc - 8 - Head and shoulders above everyone again, including a goal-saving block when King pulled the trigger.

Flem - 7 - Some good interceptions and blocks. At least he gives it 100% in a tackle.

Charlton - 6 / 7 - A very good first half, then had to play against two attackers for a lot of the second half.

Hughes - 4 - Awful. Apart from two crosses, he was an embarrassment.

Etuhu - 4 - Apart from a good run and a decent header, he was anonymous for the rest of the match.

Jarrett - 4 - Can''t pass, can''t tackle and, worst of all, he pulled out of a couple of 50/50 challenges - unforgiveable.

Huckerby - 7 - Had a better second half, especially the cross for Thorne''s goal, but not the player he was.

McVeigh - 7 - Quieter than in previous games, but won the penalty and was the only player who looked as if he knew what to do with the football. Shame he picked up an injury.

Thorne - 7 - Won more in the air thatn Deano has done of late, and took his goal well. Like Deano, he would be scoring more goals if we had players who could pass the ball through midfield and who just didn''t lump the ball forward at every opportunity.

Henderson - 7 Certainly gave us a lift when he came on, but his end product is lacking. Should have scored from Hucks'' squared pass on the break.

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Who remembers Pape Diop during the dark days of H******n? Is he Jurgen Colin come back to haunt us?

The only time Diop did anything that want s***e, was when he was getting abuse from the QPR fans for allegdly gobbing at them, and then subsequently transferred. I reckon its Colin.

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Green 6 - a busy last game? Very little chances with the goal

Charlie & Flem 5 - Boothroyd had done his homework and targeted our left side, no cover from Hux and Eagles and kings movement made a mockery of our two most experienced defenders - all their best efforts, and the 1st and 3rd goals, came from that flank

Doc 6 - Best defender by some way.

Colin 5 - I didnt see him as any worse than the rest of the defence really, no out ball for passing, coped with a very lively McNamee very well over all and little goal threat, apart from the bizarre hand ball, was OK but not great.

Hughes 4 - Ball bypassed him too much - but was very poor apart from one good cross second half.  

Etuhu  4 - Was only when he went on the mazy run you noticed that he was on the pitch - invisible.

JJ 5 - best of teh mdfield 3 but like the other two was bypassed as a matter of course. 

All three were second best all game and never wona  50/50 or got the second ball when supporting either defence or attack.

Hux 6 Our only threat once WLY left - god cross for second goal - let to chase long balls too  often.

Thorne 6 Led line well and won a very good percent of flick ons - just no one in support to pick the ball up.

WLY 7 - I assume he was injured - won as many headers as their defence but is best with the ball at his feet - delightful turn for the pen for just about the only time he had the ball at his feet near their box.

Hendo - 6 - very lively and showed he is a better striker than right midfielder.

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I''d broadly agree with most of these ratings with one significant exception - Huckerby. I can''t help but feel he''s been trading on his reputation for too long now. He''s had an indifferent season and I think today was no exception. He came to life for about 15 minutes in the second half. But, given that he can''t/won''t defend, that is inexcusable.

I counted many times during the game when Hucks had the ball and made the wrong decision; of particular mention when he could have slipped a through ball to Henderson but went on alone and lost the ball; all too often Hucks threatens to deceive. He no longer has the pace to concern defences. He all too often runs into blind alleys.

To some extent I feel sorry for Hucks - everything we try to do out of defence (when we''re not hoofing it up the pitch to the head of McVeigh!!) is through Hucks. If ONLY we had a naturally right-sided player we could stretch defences without relying overly on Hucks who, I hate to say, barely justifies his place in a very average team.


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