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Keep Worthington for the moment - here's why...

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Regular posters on here know that I am a ''Worthy Outer'' and today just strengthened my convictions about that. Our worst players today were some of the the dross that he brought in since last season - Colin, Hughes, Etuhu and Jarrett. This season is over for us, as far as promotion is concerned.

Now if, as expected, Deano goes on Monday, we''ll have a fair amount of cash to spend. Let Worthington loose with it in the next few days and we''ll end up with players who are about as much use as a one-legged man in a bum-kicking competition - old man Primus at full back, anyone? If we appointed another manager tomorrow, he wouldn''t have time to spend the money sensibly, as he''d need to assess what we''ve got at the Club already.

Therefore, the best solution might be to keep Worthington and the dead wood until the end of the season, THEN replace him. During the next 10 days, don''t let him have a penny to spend on players. This would then give the new manager funds with which to build his own team. 

We could also sack Worthy in 10 days'' time, of course, but this would narrow the potential for a decent replacement.      

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