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Dear Mr. Doncaster,


Our recent capitulation to Watford has firmly cemented my feelings about the current situation at Norwich City Football Club. Less than 24 hours before the Watford game, I was praising the club for initiating schemes for next season which would enable the younger members of our society to come to Carrow Road for a very reasonable price and watch some football. Frankly, if I were one of those potential Norwich City supporters, I’d stay away.


In less than two years we’ve sunk from being an extremely promising club into what we were when Nigel Worthington took over the club: a mediocre mid-table outfit intent on signing on players who are not capable of sustaining a promotion challenge. The signings Worthington has made have literally sent out the wrong message; they are not the players this club should be bringing in if we want to move forwards, this season has shown why.


Jurgen Colin – Constantly caught out of position and will cross the ball anywhere to anyone – particularly those playing for the opposition. I can’t believe we got rid of Marc Edworthy and brought him in.


Mathieu Louis Jean – Despite the fact that he’s been injured, he hasn’t impressed.


Andy Hughes – I live in Reading and the opinions of the Reading supporters I know match the general consensus of the Norwich fans: deeply committed, but utterly terrible at football.


Jason Jarrett – I have severe doubts over his commitment and further more, I have staggering doubts over his ability.


Dickson Etuhu – I haven’t seen him do a single useful thing since joining this football club. I bet Preston North End are laughing at us for splashing out 500k on him.


Further more, I find that the club are willing to listen to offers for Dean Ashton totally contradicts this club’s so called “ambition”. What I can’t comprehend is why we don’t do what Crystal Palace have done with Andrew Johnson and that is reject every bid that come our way? Surely that would send out positive vibes?  If Dean Ashton wishes to leave the club, then fine, we can’t keep him here against his will.


Now, the main reason I think would provoke Dean Ashton into wanting to depart Norwich is our diabolical start to this season. If we’d played properly from the word go, we would probably be around the top six; a decent reason to make him feel his future is at this club. Our dismal (and that’s being polite) start to this season would have been avoided if Worthington hadn’t utilised Ashton in a way that it would be harmful for his promising career. Our dismal start would have been avoided if Worthington hadn’t so many rubbish players and then had to bring in other ones on a loan basis to compensate the damage made by the previous signings.


This club is rapidly going down hill and myself as well as the majority of the fans vehemently feel it has got to stop. It’s gone on for far too long and enough is enough.


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