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Overrated, over paid

Personally, I enjoy the stress!

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Ok, nobody wants to be in January sitting at the foot of the table and YES I do of course want us to somehow survive this season. But, realistically we are unlikely to ever be considered a 'Big' club and be regularly challenging for a top 6 spot. So, with the top 6 out of the equation would you rather be in the bottom 5/6 teams dramatically fighting for survival; where every game matters and every goal or goal conceded throws up a myriad of permutations on the next game. Or, would you rather be 'comfortable' existing in that 'no mans land' of say 8th tom14th spot where you neither challenge for anything nor find yourself in a dog fight?

This game, for spectators and fans, is actually entertainment, a journey, an experience and the huge highs (beating Boro in the play-off final, beating Leeds away comfortably and making Man City look average) were all dramatic and largely unexpected. Its the drama that keeps me hooked and that is made up of the highs and the lows. 

Yo-yoing between the Championship and the top tier, fighting for survival then challenging for titles is actually a thrilling watch, Dire disappointments and incredible highs.

Would you really swap our the Norwich City way for say Everton, Crystal Palace or West Ham. 

I could of course possibly be a little sadistic! But in the words of Russell Crow 'Are you not entertained'???





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