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St.John Cooper

Rebuild NOW!

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Dean has gone as our season ended. I am sure Nigel said if we sell him we will have no chance of a top flight return....in fact he as we have pinned our hopes on him.   So what are you going to do now Nigel?   You have already admitted defeat, and while it might be good business, it ends our season, and probably next. It is clear we now need to rebuild and we should start with the board and management.  This time last year we were miles ahead of West Ham, it just shows you where we have gone in 1 year and if we had shown a little more ambition and guts we could be sitting in their position now.


Total Rubbish, the board, the manager, yesterdays performance and todays decision.


Heres to 9 more years in the championship.....if we are lucky





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