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4 minutes ago, Monty13 said:

You’re eyes are biased, they see what they want to see a lot of the time. I’m not saying gut feeling and perception aren’t relevant but stats provide the evidence for those feelings, or not and change the perceptions.

Not necessarily true. If you look at a player with no preconceptions and just look at what they do, then you are looking at it with an open mind.  I went to Preston and made it a priority to watch Cantwell as much as possible with no preconceptions and tried to compare it with either extreme - is he very influential or very ineffective  - and I came to the mid range view that he was effective as a link man for most of the game with one or two sublime touches - and I didn't need stats to tell me that was an accurate view.

What stats cannot tell you is how it affected team performance as a whole - the psychological and cumulative affect of someone playing in a team in a certain way. We won easily that day and you might say that mentally he was playing within himself, I don't know - but stats can't tell you that either. 


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