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Mr. Huckerby

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Sitting on the other side of the ocean does not make us true Canary fans less enthusiastic than if we were there in the thick of things. Indeed, there are advantages and disadvantages to being remote. Being isolated, we have not witnessed the flashes of brilliance or stunning performances that a Darren Huckerby can bring to a game such as must have been the case in the win against Cardiff City. However, admittedly to a less well informed observer, it does appear to me that far too much excitement has been cast in the "will he or won''t he" signing of Mr. Huckerby. First of all, most us don''t know the true numbers that were on the table, even from a Norwich management side. If the totals are as considerable as what one might imagine then even if he does sign ( we have a cagey old baseball manager in the USA who is famous for saying "it''s never over till it''s over" ) then it begs the questions of 1) what effect will the numbers have on Darren Huckerby and 2) what effect will the numbers have on the rest of the Norwich team.
As far as money is concerned, most humans only get really enthused when they get a good pay raise and that impact only lasts for a short while. Even if he eventually signs, how do you think Darren''s motivation will be impacted in from a good-sized pay reduction once the initial signing euphoria wears off. On the other hand, if his performances start to slip, how is that likely to impact the rest of the team members, knowing they are receiving a fraction of Darren''s pay cheque.
Looking at his statistics over the past 7-8 seasons both in terms of goals and, more importantly, games played, it does appear that Darren has cost 4 teams about 10 million in transfer fees and probably half that amount in wages. If his flashes of brilliance were frequent he would have enjoyed more starts and/or games than he has, particularly with Leeds and Manchester City. Again, "it''s never over till it''s over" but, personally, I hope he does not sign.

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