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The Duke of Norfolk

Replacing NW in the very near future would be in the best interests...

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of the club.

For me and many others he is a dead man walking. Even if the board keep him on for next season he will not take us up and then they will have to replace him.

We may as well do it shortly. In a months time i would predict that we will be so far off the play off places that it is nigh on impossible to reach them. When that happens NW and Co have failed, end of.

If a new manager is recruited he will be able to come in, have a really good look at the squad, work out who he wants and doesn''t want and get us set up nicely for a promotion push next season. In doing this the club are also much more likely to get more season ticket renewals as there will be renewed optimism about he club.

This is definitely the way forward, giving NW the transfer funds from the Ashton deal is pointless. He will go at some stage in the future so why delay the inevitable?

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