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Worthy's Post Match Comments

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Worthy says "..a great advert for the Championship"

Did he watch the same match that I did? OK so there were goals but that was it. Little quality from either team. Is this what the Championship is all about?

Worthy says "...we played well"

This is really worrying. If he, or anyone else, can accept the level of football we played yesterday then we really are in trouble. Apart from a 10 minute spell in the second half we were awful. I accept that the players cannot be slated. They mostly worked hard but are simply not good enough. I also accept that Worthy cannot/will not openly admit that the players are not good enough firstly because they are his signings and in doing so he is admitting that he bought very poorly and secondly because it would be detrimental to the players'' confidence. But saying we played well! Who is he trying to convince?

Although I support Norwich, I didn''t enjoy yesterday''s game. Southampton and the odd 10 or 20 minute spell apart, I haven''t enjoyed any of this season''s home games. The next 9 days are going to be very interesting. Attempting to replace Ashton with the likes of Andy Gray may just about be the last straw. Whoever has my seat next season - I hope you get more enjoyment from it than I have recently.

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