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Liz Nice EDP

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VAR is ruining our game

As an Ipswich fan, I have to say I was furious by what happened to Teemu Pukki on Saturday.

Having watched football for 40 years, I innately know when something is offside.

You just get a sixth sense, don't you? An alarm bell that goes off and stops fans celebrating until they've checked what the officials are doing.

When I saw Pukki's goal, I got none of that.

It was a goal. No question.

It never occurred to anyone to look at the referee to check.

But then VAR ruled the goal out - a goal I have now watched at least 12 times, which still looks perfectly fine to me.

Stuff the blooming red line 
and talk of millimetres. It was a goal.

But fans are going to be afraid to celebrate anything any more and the game is going to be 
ruined if this nonsense doesn't stop now.

A goal you daren't celebrate isn't worth having.

Fans live to cheer. Without that joy, our game is dead.

Do you agree with Liz? Let her know at liz.nice@archant.co.uk

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