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New blood...old blood, as long as its got adrenalin, who cares!

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Back in the Seventies, I recall some great times with a Norwich team full of Hammers and Spurs legends...Graham Paddon, Martin Peters, Jimmy Neighbour and Martin Chivers. You did feel you were getting value for money for your ticket.

Perhaps we could take say,Teddy Sheringham for a final season to get some of whatever has been sustaining him for the last fifty years or so at the top to rub off on our squad, ...and perhaps as an incentive we might looking at him as a prospective player/manager for next season.

I wasn''t keen to see any of the older pro''s come to the team in our Premiership time but I dont think that the influence of a former great would be such a bad thing right now to get some belief back in the squad. Consider the impact of other such gutsy players as Paul Ince and Dennis Wise in the Championship.

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