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Making Plans

Are we destined to become

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the unluckiest, the most entertaining, the bravest, the most hard done by (cheated), the most injury prone, the most principled, the most mugged, the most attractive, the most attacking, the youngest and the best value for money team ever to get relegated from the PL.

Yes we have been naive, yes we could have done things differently, yes we have made mistakes and yes, we could have shown a bit more ambition but when you consider what our squad has had to put up with so far this season it's a miracle that we can still come out and play like we have recently.

Sooner our later, probably when VAR, the PL and Sky have decided that we are completely done for and there's no way back, our fortunes will turn for the better.

It is clear that somewhere along the line we have upset someone and we have been cursed.

Although I have at times been critical, when you see some of the cruel things that have happened to us on the pitch this season you have to admire how the players continue to stick together and fight.

For that they deserve our utmost admiration and respect.

When you have to endure set back after set back it's not easy for players to maintain their desire and enthusiasm.

There are plenty of other players, & squads, in this league that cost more, are paid more, and are more talented than ours who would have chucked in the towel by now.




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6 minutes ago, Making Plans said:

Although I have at times been critical

Do you mean pretty much every day ? 😉

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