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neil wallis

Huckerby plan of action

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I am tottaly gutted like every one but lets stop ***ing darren off and do something about this. I am sure he is under incredible pressure from his agent not to sign for us we have to show him money is not everything. I have written the following which has been faxed to Manchester citys Stadium reception for the attention Darren

23th December 2003

Dear Darren,

I am absolutely devastated to read that you will not be Joining Norwich City on a full time basis. I see the point of view of your agent as you are without doubt premiership class however there are a few points I would be really grateful if you could consider.

There are only 9 points between the clubs from 5th to the relegation positions within the premiership so you are potentially taking a big risk in joining anyone who is not one of the big 4 clubs. Norwich is top of the league ambitious and well run. There is a very strong possibility of promotion especially with you in the side.

The fans absolutely love you up hear you would be a hero. We are more tolerant when players have poor games than at most clubs. We are very loyal people down here. You have the best chance of securing long term premiership football by joining Norwich than at any other club. You are 27 years old in your peak and need to be playing first team football every week. You have been messed about by other clubs in the past and I can state that would not happen here. You could join a premiership club in January and find yourself on the bench also you could find at the end of the season relegated and Norwich promoted.

Please for a moment listen to your heart and not your agent. Money although important is not everything. Your family would love it down here it is a good place to live. Its your choice is the money more important than regular first team football to you? you are my hero please reconsider and make this Christmas great for the 20,000 people who are desperate for you too sign.

Yours faithfully

Neil Wallis

Man Citys FAX 0161 438 7999
Man Citys E-mail mcfc@mcfc.co.uk

please write as many messages to try to make darren change his mind and ditch his agent. We can gain nothing by abuse so please refrain we have to show that we are better than other football clubs

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