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How this season could be a microcosm of the last two.

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Anyone remember when Daniel first came to the club?  At the start of the first season we were shipping goals left and right, not really threatening the opponents goal, and generally experiencing growing pains of the implementation of a new style of football.  Much like the start of this season up to Aston Villa at home (with growing pains replaced by 'becoming accustomed to the Premier League').

Then, slowly but surely, in that first season, the team started to become more resilient, goals stopped being conceded, but still our troubles in front of goal continued until the end of that first season (much like the previous 5 or 6 games in this season).

Now we're at the halfway mark, I don't need to remind anyone what happened in the second season Farke was in charge, and nor am I suggesting that any upturn in form will result in us staying up - that ship has probably sailed - but one thing I am confident about is Farke's ability to find solutions over the longer term.  Therefore I expect us to do better in the second half of the season.

So, please keep the negativity to a minimum, if not on here, then at least at matches.  It really won't help anything but will certainly hinder players whose confidence is already low.

In short, keep the faith.  It could be worse, you could be an Ipswich supporter, or Simon Cowell.

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I have a theory that there are more depressed living in norfolk than anywhere else due to the lack of tall buildings, landmarks or bridges to jump off.

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