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Save our money

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Personnaly i think we should save our money until worthy goes and in the mean time our team still has it in the (i hope) for the play offs?

Green (if he stays i dont think he will but optimism is something i havent tryed in a while)

Rossi Jarvis- the best right back option we have at the club

Drury- one of our few player that is pre quality  

Shacks-  same as above

Doc- Best player at the club based on performances this season

McViegh- The most creative player at the club

Safri- We would be near the bottom without him

Robinson- proven championship player

Hucks- needs to show form from 2 seasons ago

Mckenzie- hasnt has long enough this season and is a very good player

Ryan Jarvis- The next Dean Ashton???

subs Ward, Fleming, Etuhu, Henderson, Thorne


your thoughts?

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Totally agree, Blood - now that we''ve got no real chance of the play-offs, keep the money until we get in a manager who will spend it wisely.

In the meantime, the likes of Rossi Jarvis, Spillane and Cave-Brown should be fed into the first team - we''ve got nothing to lose and they can''t be any worse than muppets like Hughes, Jarrett, Etuhu and Colin.

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