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25 minutes ago, Chumino said:

I don't get why so many don't get that the right wealthier owner with ambition would be a worse option than Delia and championship football. We needed 2 or 3 key signings in the summer to give DF a chance. A wealthier owner could have backed that. Delia can't or won't. Staying in the Prem is also an option to financial security. No money spent, here we are. Again. 

Wealthy owners can no longer fund clubs under FFP rules, wealthy companies can via sponsorship.

Regardless of who owns the club, we would still have a finite amount of money we can spend on players as a result of the size of the club.

Premier League football is no longer primarily a sport anymore, its a multinational business empire. Look at Liverpool playing pointless exhibition matches the other side of Europe to keep the TV companies happy.

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