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Mornin' Nuff Said
As promised.
I am in total agreement and this is a massive gap, IMO akin to taking to the field with 10 players.
I know there are some incredible players out there but do we believe that their innate ability or hand to foot co-ordination is so superior to those around them, taking say, De Bruyne as an example, personally I doubt it, my suspicions are that there are others with the same or similar abilities, so why or how does he perform at a level (or two) above others?  Probably because he believes he can and that is mindset and being in control of the messages his mind sends to his body, of course practice, practice and more practice helps, because if for no other reason repetition helps creates the cognitive connections required to do a thing.  However, how often do we hear about top players staying behind after to practice alone, why do they do this, probably because they are driven, my question is, driven by what, it certainly isn't their big toe, it is and only can be their brain, so back to my original point, those who train their brain (correctly) will always be able to perform at a level above others who have not trained their brain, all of which leaves me back to your assertion; if we as a club are not addressing this aspect of the game, then we have a massive gap which will be exploited by those that do.
Regarding, sub or unconscious, see below;
Merriam Webster Medical definition of both;
Subconscious = the mental activities just below the threshold of consciousness.  Subconscious thought affects our feelings and behaviour and is often revealed in dreams, artistic expression (De Bruyne) and slips of the tongue.  The subconscious mind can be a hiding place for anxiety and a source of creativity (De Bruyne).
Unconscious = the part of mental life that does not ordinarily enter the individual's awareness yet may influence behaviour and perception or be revealed as in slips of the tongue or in dreams.
Therefor one could argue they are one and the same thing, although my preference is to use subconscious as I am of the firm belief, you can train your subconscious but not your unconscious, however as you say 'pedantic' and it appears we are waging peace on each other.
I have a mantra, which is, "the superb game you are going to play today already exists in your head".  This of course does not guarantee a win, but if fully understood and implemented certainly tilts things in your favour, as I said previously, fine margins.
Enjoy the match today.

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