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Yellow Rider

'When he took over the club was in the mire'.........

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So says Adrian Boothroyd about Worthy.

Very true but this is falling into the standard NCFC Board response (i.e. looking back at history rather than giving positive and constructive reasons why Worthy should stay). Equally pertinent though is WHY was the ''club in the mire'' in December 2000? Here we all know that Delia Smith must shoulder some of the blame. It was her who drove through the decision to appoint Hamilton not once but twice! Firstly to preappoint him as coach and then trawl through the market for a manager who was prepared to work with him and then to force Bruce Rioch out by deliberately starving him of funds so that the ''chosen one'' could be promoted to manager. The rest is history.

So are we now any better of than 5 years ago? Certainly ''Yes'' in terms of season ticket sales and this whole community / togetherness sprirt that sprouted during the play off season (but is now in severe danger of dissipating with the stubborness of Smith and co. to acknowledge the failings and limitations of Worthy and his two assistants). Are we any better off though in terms of the playing side after, don''t forget, lavishing £M''s on this manager that previous incumbents could only have dreamed about? After this seasons generally woeful performances, I have serious doubts as to the REAL progress made. [:@]  

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