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Possible forthcoming Carrow Election

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Down the pub last night. Main topics of conversation , City and the General Election . Groan, I wanted to avoid all that . Just wanted to drink and talk nonsense, a bit of squit , after quite a few it started to come ...

Yes . Maybe we’ll have an election at Carrow Road . That All Party Alliance that served us so well most of last season is starting to show cracks isn’t it . Already , that’s so sad . Really pray results improve and sticks it back together . Best be prepared for a Carrow Election if not. Ok .What are some of  the parties to choose from ? Not a particularly inspiring bunch imo . 

The Cop Out Party . This is on the face of it is pure genius . With them you get to slag off whoever you like and then just before you’ve finished you cop out and say , but I hope I’m proved wrong . F****** brilliant ! Then if it goes wrong you look clever , if it turns out good you just jump on the bandwagon and fill your boots . I’ve voted for it before , quite a few times actually . It does what it says on the tin but I’ve discovered it should come with a health warning …. It’s bad for your soul . Don’t want to vote for it again , but I know I may not be able to help myself.

The Anti Delusional Party . If you don’t vote for them you’re delusional apparently . They don’t like that , not one bit . They think the whole set up is wrong and sell a dream of a rich owner , Premier League every season , Europe even or a trophy . God , I have to admit that I want that dream so bad I’m tempted. I’ve voted for them too , especially in my late teens and early twenties. That was a good time to do it I think. Now , not so sure at all. Plus they’ve got a nasty faction I really don’t like , the anti Farke brigade . Thought they'd gone forever after last season but actually I think they’re back . Think I’ve seen them at fringe meetings, hiding in the long grass , biding their time . No , as much as I love that dream I can’t vote for them with that lot on board . No way . 

Happy Clapper Party . What a s*** name !! In a brilliant political ploy an opposition party , probably the ADP, gave them that name and it stuck . I like them and all that , but their main spokespersons can sometimes really get on my nerves . They’re a bit preachy, bit holier than thou. What no moaning ever ? You assume they must go to every game home and away . Don’t think they do . A possibility though .

Monster Raving Loony Party . They’ll always field plenty of candidates here .  Carrow Road is one of their last remaining strongholds I’m pleased to say . Got quite a few near me. I love them …. But I don’t think I could possibly vote for them. 


It’s a tough one .




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