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The Model only works if nothing else changes!

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So we hear a lot and talk a lot about the “model” but the model we are following only works if nothing else around you changes. 
But that’s not what’s happening. Now even in the Championship teams are spending bigger and bigger, clubs at champion level are actively seeking and inviting big foreign investment and this will only become more common.

Then we have the teams who go up, take the ones who went up with us. They have spent in an attempt to maintain their premiership status, which they very well may do. This will result in clubs who have been longer term premiership teams going down in to the championship and competing hard to get back to the promised land. 

Football is a business and businesses must evolve or get left behind. Good businesses invest what the have or seek investment from others to move themselves forward. In doing neither you will eventually pay the price. We’re are village grocery store surrounded by big chain supermarkets and there are more going up every year. Now you might like that village store feel but eventually they won’t have something you want. Then what, just make do? Accept you can’t have it. Where does that stop. This time you can’t have the premiership how long before you can’t have the championship!!!


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