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When will the media start asking the club the right questions?

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30 minutes ago, Jim Smith said:

It’s not really his fault but his flaws are being badly exposed. The level of coaching of our defence and how utterly pathetic we are at both attacking she defending set pieces are things a coach at this level could and should address if you want to give yourself a genuine chance as a smaller club. 

Agreed Jim. Farke has shown some quality during his time here, but has also overseen some poor runs of form and results. I do rate Farke (obviously), but he is by no means proven or established yet. Certainly not at this level. Farke would struggle to get a job at a top championship club currently IMO. 

Yes he can only work with what he has. But the truth is he continually demonstrates a lack of willingness to work with his full array of resource, almost with arrogance, which is hidden very well by the way. Patrick Roberts based on his Celtic form should be playing. Sam Byram should also be playing, either take Aarons out of the firing line or tried at CB. At CB I'm more than confident he is better and more adaptable than an aging Tettey. He's probably our most defensive minded defender. Excellent against Man City, surely he deserved a run in the team?

His use of Leitner is equally as hard to understand. Leitner is a deep lying playmaker.  He is one of the few players in our squad that has premier league class in his locker, albeit occasionally. He demonstrated against Newcastle what he can do, surely Farke should be working with that and trying to embellish some consistency? I appreciate he played a couple of games in the deep lying role, but next to Mclean, which was never going work, before being shoe horned into an advanced role which clearly doesn't suit his style. His our playmaker, tempo setter, and needs to play deep next to a powerful defensive minded midfield player. Which is hopefully Amadou. Is that it for Leitner now? I wouldn't bet against it. 

It's just all very perplexing and hard to grasp Farke's logic currently. Its very concerning and I'm anxious the likes of Buendia and Pukki are becoming frustrated and fed up with it. 

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