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Andrew Kent

It's a whole mess of crap!

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I''m sensing that the majority on this board are philosophical about Deano''s depature?

I''m gutted, as I am of the firm belief that you need to keep your best players to succeed. However, I realise he wanted to go, so we couldn''t really stop him. It''s disappointing to feel that he couldn''t have given us a whole season, but I can understand you have to grab these oppotunities when they come along!

The question now is, does the board stick or twist? By sticking, it would keep us witht the group of players we have now, and similar performances to those of late(so no playoffs,but maybe a new manager at the end of the season!)

By twisting, they would have to buy, IMO, Davenport (move Flem to RB) Koumas, Halford and Jerome. I am well aware that we probably couldn''t afford all these players, but they would be the only ones who could improve the squad sufficently to make it to the play offs.

I would rather us accept that we probably(def!) aren''t good enough this year, soldier on til the end of the season, and then have a massive clear out of the dead wood (Brennan,Charlton,Colin,Louis-Jean etc etc) and rebuild with our millions in the summer (possible under new management, who knows?!)

As the title of the post suggests- It''s a mess. Let the board and Worthy clear it up!


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