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The Fish Seller

We were always the wrong move for Ashton.

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At the start of last season Deano was available from Crewe for approx £1 million.

Half a season  and  nearly twenty goals later his value had rocketed to £3 mill + add ons.

Had Dean stayed at Crewe and continued playing to anything like his form at the time he may well have passed the 30 goals in a season target, a real landmark achievement

A little more patience on his behalf and clubs like Liverpool would have been throwing Crouchy size and possibly larger wads of cash at him. 30 + goals in the Championship would have made it extremely difficult for even somebody as short sighted as Sven Goran to overlook, public outcry would probably have demanded giving the lad a go. If all else failed once he started to knock them in for a club like Liverpool he would surely have broken into the England squad.

My view is that he saw big bucks a year ago and jumped ship for them, he saw bigger bucks this Summer and was only stopped from jumping this time by a hard cash offer of £700K plus a payrise. Next time he saw the money there was no stopping him.

Retrospectively six more months in the fizzy league last year and he''d have been on a far better deal at a far bigger club than West Ham and a recognised member of the England setup by now.

So he''s in The Prem playing for a decent enough club but he''s not on the sort of wedge he could have been on if only he hadn''t been so gredy at times in the last year, it''s a waste but I just can''t feel sorry for the lad.

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