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Let's get on with it - On the ball City!

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Lets not forget we''ve got some matches coming up.

We''ve still been given the best Chrissy pressie we''ve ever had with our fantabulous win on Sunday.

Lets get behind the team like we should and get on with it, Hux or no Hux.

I applaud the decision taken by Worthy/board - its as simple as this - if Hux doesn''t want to come, then let him go elsewhere.

If its a game of ''who blinks first'', Darren and his agent have just had a very sharp stick stuck in their eye. If Darren DOES want to come to us, he''s now got to decide VERY quickly or he''ll lose all the goodwill he''s built up with Worthy and us the fans.

Is this a hiccough in the negotiations or are we looking at hero to zero?

We''ll find out soon enough, its either another huge gamble by Worthy to force Darren''s hand to sign up or its a statement to say enough''s enough - we''re in control, not you, and you had your chance with us and you blew it - thanks for the memories but we''re moving on.

If its the latter, and it looks like it is, we now have considerable cash to spend elsewhere and I for one trust Worthy to use it wisely.

Onwards and upwards...

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Based on latest news it unfortunately it looks like hero to zero.

As long as the funds allocated to this deal still stay with Worthy for team strengthening, the board have no questions to answer. If the whole thing turns out to have been a smokescreen then there are going to be a lot of unhappy and angry people about.

There would now be no harm in the board releasing the terms of this deal as that would show how much they were committed - I think we''re seeing a player showing his true colours - and they are not yellow and green.

Playing the ''I love the fans'' card is not a good move Darren, we can see straight through it. For ''fans'' replace the word ''money'' and you wouldn''t be far out.

The last thing we need is a player who is petulant and a prima donna (with extra chilli sauce).

Stick to your guns Worthy, Hux has just shown what we really mean to him - not a lot.

Let him go to Wolves/Pompey et al - yes he might get the wage, but he''s not going to be in Prem next season like us.

Go get another Leon - someone who REALLY wants to play for us.

I feel and extra big welcome is due on Friday - for me someone has just turned on the lights....

(If i''m wrong i''ll take this all back but i''m the type of bloke who likes to call a spade a spade and i''ll say what I think - albeit in a state post a few pints!)


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