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Flying Dutchman

Ben Godfrey on the atmosphere

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"When you hear the fans like they were against Man City, and they were loud, they’re like the 12th man. It does help you and it makes it horrible for the opposition."


Not that I think we should need a reason, but let's just get behind the boys tomorrow. It doesn't (or shouldn't, at least) matter who the opposition is, what your current opinion on owners/direction etc. is, just support them.

For one reason or another the atmosphere against Villa was horrific from the start, at 0-0 with all to play for. We sounded like the away team, it was embarrassing.

Let's make sure tomorrow is different - the same as the Man City atmosphere, no ifs, no buts, just get behind the team, OUR team. It shouldn't matter who the opposition is, this just has to become standard at Carrow Road.

Believe it or not, fans can make the difference, yes it might be fractional, but sometimes that edge is all that's needed.


Above quote taken from the below article: 




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