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who to buy

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1. cameron jerome - we need a striker who is going to score us ten more goals in the rest of the season to get us in the play offs and that is him, he is also young. ( 3 million )

2. chris eagles - is on loan at watford but we could offer man u sum deal with our money. he was impressive against us on saturday and would put some proper crosses in from the by line ( loan )

3. greg halford - young utility player give us options at right wing and right back both problem positions this season. ( 1 million )

4. ade akinbyi - big target man who woudl alos scor about 7 or 8 goals ( 1.5 million)

5. callumn davenport - him and doherty were amazing together. ( 500 , 000)

all this would come to about 6 million but i feel would give us a chance for the play offs.

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Jerome - fast, young and scores lots of goals

Halford - solves both right back and midfield and is very good at both

Idiakez - one of the championships best players

Davenport - Too expensive tbh

Chorley - V gd

Eastwood - Lots of potential

Chris Birchall - Good right winger and centre mid

David Wright - For a small price

McSheffrey - Good but would prefer Jerome

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yes but that was a while ago and if he is scoring goals this season then why not. he is a big target man and will work well with jerome !!!

i think jerome is a must though

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Jerome - Replaces the loss of Ashton

Halford - Solves right wing problem, also can play right back

Idiakez - As already said would be an amazing buy

Davenport - dont need him, we have shacks

Chorley - Great player

Eastwood - Good, but feel we dont really need him, besides he wont want to come here anyway as he will be playing in this division next season with southend

Chris Birchall - Good right winger and centre mid, again, solves the right wing problem, also adds to central midfield numbers

David Wright - Solves right back problem, also great going foward

McSheffrey - Would replace the loss of svensson



Get your finger out worthy!

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