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Branston Pickle

Injuries - who’s due back when?

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I was just trying to work out when DF might start to get some of our injured guys back, to have a few more options:

Krul - think he’s possibly back for Bournemouth?

Fahrmann - not sure we’ve had a timeframe?

Godfrey - hernia op this week, I don’t think he’ll be about for Bournemouth but hope he is!

Hanley - seeing a specialist, so who knows?

Zimbo - seemed to think he might be back later December in that online interview 

Vrancic - an odd one, pre Man City I thought it was meant to be a week or so but that was now 3+ weeks ago; he wasn’t  mentioned on Friday? 

Onel - per DF due back in training soon

Klose - God knows, March?

Trybull - was due to be 6wks at start of September, so training soon

Tettey - no idea?

+ where was Heise today?

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