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Neil Doncasters error

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I cannot for the life of me think why Neil Doncaster has chosen this week to reveal the sell on clause in Dean Ashtons contract.

All you are doing is inviting any prospective players coming here (and their agents) to continue to raid our coffers and look upon us as

an earning stepping stone.

Wouldn`t it make more sense to wait a few days till the window closes and then talk about it?

Some of these agent and player fees negotiated are a joke.

The trouble is we are constantly "desperation" buying.

Constantly paying over the odds for players because we need them.

We overpaid for Etuhu because we almost certainly did an "under the table" "wink wink" "nudge  nudge" "loan" deal.

Everything about the contracts and the players we bring in smacks of desperation.


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I too think the whole affair is a total shambles. According to Doncaster it was in NCFC''s interests to mislead fans when they could have said nothing. Would that be the same interests that has seen the board continually back a manager past his use by date, give HIM a contract that has an incentive to leave (how else will he get the 10%) and above all sanction the purchase of so many crap players for over the odds prices (Hughes, Etuhu, Colin etc) ????????

I see that in ''the sun'' today NCFC are going to have certain FA checks over the ''correctness'' of certain transfers. I damn well hope they find something.


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I agree 100%

Thats the part I find amazing.

Doncaster on canaries world said the reason he did not tell the fans about the Ashton ongoing negotiations was it would weaken NCFC`s negotiating position.

YET............... by letting this be known during the transfer window he did exactly that.

He let it be known the Norwich will make desperation signings with stupid contracts to get the players they want.

What kind of management puts in contract clauses that "encourage" players to leave.

The sell on clause should be revoked if the player requests the move not the club.

Is this the "prudence" we keep hearing.

I can feel the discontent building with the whole management team.

We are hearing exactly nothing from Munby and Delia.

During our biggest transfer ever that is pretty amazing. I think thats a story ECN/Pinkun should investigate.

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I think that where the Club has fallen down during this past week or two is by not having a coherent and robust Media strategy over the Ashton transfer.

Selling Deano was good business, in the circumstances, despite me wanting us to keep him - he wanted to go, so there''s not much point in hanging on to him (without a midfield he''s starved of service anyway, but that''s another issue!). It was also understandable that the Club wanted to conduct its business in private - no problems, that''s common sense.

What didn''t help is that the Club handed out several different hymn sheets to a number of key staff, so that there were conflicting accounts and messages being given out. Don''t Doncaster / Worthington / Ferrari et al communicate with each other? Don''t they realise that, by issuing statements that don''t quite line up with others, there will be suspicion and frustration amongst the fans. Personally, I don''t think that the Board was out to ''con'' us or mislead us; however, even when something is done that is ''above board'' and totally accountable, it can be misconstrued if the statements aren''t exactly aligned with those made by other Club officials. It might even be down to semantics, but it can have hell of an effect when scrutinised by thousands of fans wanting every scrap of information.  

Who is to blame for this? Well, everyone and no-one at the Club. But it just shows what happens when you''ve got more than one mouthpeice making statements to the Media. Every line has got to match up with the others.

If nothing else, the Club might learn that only ONE person should lead on media response, AFTER a water-tight Media strategy has been agreed.

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